V5 Wiring Tab with VEXcode

When I download a program to my V5 Brain, on the screen that pops up, there is an icon for Wiring. When I download a program from VCS, this tab is populated with all of my motors ans sensors and their correct ports. However, when I download a program from VEXcode, this tab shows nothing. Is there something I need to do to enable this feature or is it not supported in VEXcode yet?

If it is not there by default, then it is not supported.
There is nothing you can do to enable it (short of modifying the build system).
Is it really that important?

My teammate wanted it so I was trying to figure out how it worked and if I could change a setting to get it. Thanks for the help though.

It only works if you are using graphical configuration in VCS, in that use case we have additional information we can use to populate the wiring screen. When you are creating instances of motors etc. in code that’s difficult to do, it’s currently not supported in VCS C++ Pro or VEXcode.

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