V5 with 4 motors

We built a drive train with 4 v5 motors but cant get all 4 to work at the same time. only 1 motor from each side will work at a time. Any suggestions on how to fix this with coding studio???

We can’t help you unless you post the code

  1. dont use vex coding studio.
  2. are you using the default clawbot code?

Are you using the default drive program to try and get the motors to move, when I first started 2 months back I also had a similar issue with figuring out how to get all 4 to move. You have to wire them on 1-2, 9-10, in order the default drive program to work.

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I think it’s because the clawbot program uses only 2 motors 1 per side

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No the default driver control program allows a 4 motor drivetrain to be controlled.

That’s correct. Open it up and look at where the motors should go. All of the buttons map to a port as well.

Thanks for the advice we will make sure to try that

Oh it’s different for the v5 clawbot? The legacy clawbot only uses 2 motors

No the default drive program is just the run button the V5 screen