v5 with servo?

I see in the rules that you can use up to twelve (12) 2-Wire Motors or VEX Servos with cortex, or up to eight (8) V5 Smart Motors with V5.

So no (old vex) servos at all with V5?
Are there V5 servos somewhere that I have not seen?

There is no servos for V5 mainly because vex didn’t feel it was necessary to include them.

It depends on your definition of servo. The definition I usually use is a servo has 3 components

  1. a motor
  2. a sensor
  3. a control circuit to use sensor for control

Using that definition all V5 motors are servos.

The V5 motors have built-in position control, so they can function similarly to a servo. If you need to know the absolute position at startup, you add a potentiometer to the system.