V5 Workcell ARM Install Issue

During the ARM Install process Joint 3 continues to fail, the numbers continually rotate from 0 to approx 460 then it starts over. It never gets close to the range. I have changed all wiring several times but the issue repeats itself. Any help out there lol?

Hello @cobra031! It seems it could be a faulty potentiometer. But thereā€™s a way to look into it, from the Devices menu, you can select the 3-wire icon and it will show you all the analog values. My values when I move the arm vary between 90 and 2000. Do yours still stay between 0-460? Do you have an extra pot you could try in its place?
3-wire ports


Lauren thanks for the help, ordered new ones and it worked!

Wonderful! Glad to hear it :slight_smile:

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