V5 yay or nay

Who got v5, I know I didn’t


Same. Predicting this will become a thread with a loooooot of replies…


and didn’t

Yeah, what’s up with that? @DRow I received 2 emails, one said I was accepted, and one said I wasn’t

Ooooh, the false hope is pouring in now.

I cri evry tim. VEX should 100% reconsider and add more people to the beta program :wink:

@antichamber: Sorry for the confusion. Looks like your name was accidentally added to both of our e-mail lists. You’ve been accepted, congrats!

@DRow Could we get the distribution of V5 kits between mentors, vRC, and VEXU?

Our mentor got accepted :smiley:

I didn’t, I just hope someone else on our team did

We got accepted. I’m not sure how since only one person applied from our teams

I did not

I didn’t get accepted, but the main coach of our program

I was selected!

I got shot down… So did everyone else on my team

The heck? I didn’t get any email. I check spam, promotions, everything!

We got accepted. 536 Xavier Robotics, Appleton, WI