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Is there any word on an actual release date for v5?

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Last I heard was shipping of V5 System Bundles trade-ins received before August would ship second half of August.

I am not concerned until school gets really started.

For a lot of us, school has already started, and obviously competition season is already underway.

Did you hear anything about people who bought it early this month?

Nope, I am expecting that the moment someone receives a V5 production unit, we will hear about it :slight_smile:

I don’t doubt that :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m just hoping that moment comes in two days and not two months…

In this case, I am sure you have a lot of company :slight_smile:

Best wishes for a speedy delivery!

:smiley: Thanks!

@DRow any official word?

I ordered my V5 and May and they said it would ship the last week of this month. Sales actually got back to me within a couple of hours when I emailed them a couple of days ago.

Wonder at what point of pre orders will things be delayed to later September to October.

I understand this is a big product release and patience is key, but I can’t help but feel there’s been poor and inconsistent dissemination of info

I was hoping this thread would help that, but no response from vex yet.

They said at the EP Summit that all trade-ins received at that point would get/ship the V5s the second week of August and, yes, those that were in by the end of July were “very confident” would get them by the end of August.

Everything is obviously tentative, and nothing is a guarantee. However, everyone is nervous about this as many schools have started and teams have nothing to start with. Any updates with best guesses (understanding that they are best guesses) would be nice. Many they ship Friday or Saturday?

It wouldn’t be so annoying if they had 393 motors in stock. I have no idea how a team could make it through this season without upgrading to V5.

I just noticed that some components on the V5 product page are slipping into September and October. Anyone know if that applies only to orders made today?

shipping estimates apply to orders being placed now…

I guess that’s tough stuff for schools or clubs that only do their purchases at the very start of the school year. I don’t want to commit more purchase money until I see what this V5 stuff is actually like coming off the assembly line.

Well, I went through that - had a grant to get equipment, wanted V5, but not available before fiscal year ended… so got other equipment…

Honestly, I think it will work out. Huge customer PLTW seem to be getting lots of classrooms setup and teams who did trade-in should be relatively ok. It is difficult for teams who are active during summer.

i just hope the bundle ships in august for new orders. We had to ship back all our cortex to get the discount so we have nothing to work with until the v5 come. I see the individual items are starting to show october.



Thank you GilMorkn472! Very Cool!
Breaking news: After someone posts “REET SHIP IT NOW” on the VEX Forums, VEX instantly ships out all V5s


Thank you so much