For those of you that received your v5, did it come with vex’s promised 8 week time?



No. It has been 17 weeks and I still don’t have everything.

Ya the best case I have heard was 13 weeks. The 8 weeks has been pretty consistently wrong.

Nope, took longer than 8 weeks

Nope… We ordered Gear cartridges 2 months ago… Still haven’t arrived…

I ordered from robotmesh over 18 weeks ago, and I know they had placed an order with Vex even before then. I received my starter kit with 4 motors soon after, but I still haven’t received the rest of my order.

I know this isn’t V5 specifically, I’ve been waiting on vex IQ motors for 15 weeks.


I think it’s because they’re allocating all of their resources to v5. Which of course means everything else is mismanaged as well, fun fun.

@Anomaly mobile keyboard strikes again.

My school got v5 in like 2 weeks but our order wasn’t complete and we are still waiting on some of the stuff we ordered. We got our first shipment in August

My school ordered V5 about 8 weeks ago and still don’t have any of it. Of course, our adviser might not be giving it to us??? Probably don’t have it.

We are still waiting on things that we ordered in July.

Actually, I should state that differently: we aren’t really waiting anymore. Call it V-Ennui.

Ok, so it looks like it’s done for our season. yay

We received V5 at about 10 weeks (and replacement brain for non-working one at 12 weeks) but are sitting at 14 weeks and counting for some additional V5 items ordered (plus others from after that).

Us rn:V4.zip (17.4 MB)