V5blocks Project Merger

I created this in response to this topic:

I had a lot more fun creating this project than I thought I would, and I learned a surprising amount.

If I am being honest, I am not totally sure how useful people will find this. I imagine that if there are kids who understand the value in splitting up source files, they probably aren’t using blocks anyway. :man_shrugging:

However, what making this project did make me realize is that another project I had wanted to do is totally feasable! :tada:

The other project I was considering doing was finding a way to use multiple python files for a robot program, but not needing an SD card to store them on. Instead, I could write a script to take a collection of python files, create a large file (similar to what the preprocessor does in c++) which can then be downloaded to the brain.

Anyway, If I have the motivation to make that project remains to be seen. But hopefully someone out there can make use of this project I made. :smile:

Also, if for some reason there is somebody out there that uses this… and they find a bug… feel free to reach out; I am willing to maintain this project (within reason, of course).


Love what you did here! I have already attempted your second project, but I would love to see how you would go about doing this. (From what I have seen here most likely mine will be the much worse version :astonished:)

Keep up the great work! I will 100% use this with my students, as we tend to have to combine the files at the end. (Wish I found this before I copied my auton selector over, that would have been 3 hours saved…)



Thank you for the feedback! It is nice to know somebody is using it. We will have to see how that other project goes. :smile: :person_shrugging: