V5Brain listen for a Bluetooth Beacon from devices?

A nearby company to my school gave me some devices (from a canceled project) that can be mounted on walls in our school to transmit the temperature and humidity via a Bluetooth Beacon every 5 seconds or so. Can I get any Bluetooth API’s that I can access in a program running on the V5 Brain so I could possibly have my students steer the robot towards the hottest beacon or the coldest beacon???

This would be so cool to have the kids do!!!

Thanks in advance.

The API documentation does not indicate that this is possible.

The V5 brain has two different CPUs, my guess would be that BT communication is handled by the VEXos CPU and thus not available to the user program running on the user CPU.

One way to achieve this would be to do all the Bluetooth work on something like a Raspberry Pi which sends information about the location of the beacons to the V5 brain via a serial connection.


not possible, The V5 firmware would have to be programmed to listen for the beacons. The only BLE devices we listen for are V5 controllers.


Lilygo makes some really cool devices with displays that you could think about http://www.lilygo.cn/prod_view.aspx?TypeId=50036&Id=1256&FId=t3:50036:3. They are about 35 each and would be able to read your sensors.

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