VA States, Mentor of the Year Nomination

How strict is the 250-word count for the Mentor of the Year Nomination essay? Is it okay to be at 280?

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It is 30 words over, it is a pretty poor mentor that has teams that can’t count. Use different words, be concise, direct, speak in an active voice. You be below 200 in nothing flat.


I’d rather write more than less personally, writing a millions scholarship essays currently, when it’s a recommended limit of 250mwords, I’d keep it under 275

No, when it says to follow a limit the best practice is to follow that limit.


Like 26 words under 275? :slight_smile:


UPDATE: I cut it down to 250 words. Our nomination ended up winning.

Here’s the nomination:

Mentor of the Year Award Nomination to Mr. Powell from 66661A

We remember the first day of VEX robotics in 6th-grade. Mr. Powell, the coach of Gainesville-Middle-School, towered over us in his white lab-coat, showing little emotion.
“Document every meeting!”
“You can’t cut metal!”
He seemed to take the fun out of everything. But after a while, these moments proved to be essential for our success in VEX and the rest of our lives.
He taught us the importance of planning, designing, and teamwork. Those times that he was strict were the times that he put our success before his well-being and image. He always believed in us- from supporting our all-girls-6th-grade-team when others underestimated us to encouraging our start-up team that only began meeting three months ago. Without him, we wouldn’t have been able to bring robotics to The Governor’s School at Innovation Park. He lent us parts, allowed us to field practice, and taught us tips for success. His actions have affected us not only in VEX but also in other activities and helped us grow as students.
“Without him, I wouldn’t have excelled in Seaperch and placed 2nd internationally for my notebook” explains Frances.
Although he remains stern for the success of his students, he still expresses compassion. Mohit recalls receiving a band-aid for his cut- a gesture that touched him to this day. Without him, we wouldn’t be where we are today- thriving engineers, inventors, and aspiring physicians that hope to one day let him know how his actions have impacted us by nominating him as Mentor-of-the-Year.


Very well written, and very well deserved for an outstanding Mentor for many years here in Virginia!