Vague Instructions in Annotated Programming Skills Online Challenge

Either the Annotated Programming Skills Challenge has some gaps in the upload instructions, or I am missing something. I mostly take issue with this part:


  • This is the first time it mentions a PDF. What should be in the PDF? The code? A link to the video? Both?
  • Is the Full Description supposed to be something like “Annotated Programming Skills by team 00000A, featuring a ## point programming skills,” or should it have something more meaningful?
  • It never describes how to handle multiple code files. Assuming the PDF is supposed to contain the code, should the contents of each file be pasted into the PDF, or should they each be uploaded as a separate PDF?

Looks like a copy/paste error on the page. Perhaps @Jim_Crane could answer that?


Looks like they fixed it: image

Although how are we supposed to upload code?

Thanks for letting us know. It has been corrected.


@Jim_Crane Can we get a VEXU Annotated Programming Skills Challenge? Teams have some amazing code to show off especially with custom sensors.


@Jim_Crane If a team doesn’t have a full field, but half a field with the game elements and tiles can a team still do the challenge?

Thank you for reaching out. We are looking into this option now . Keep checking the website or email and they will try to answer any questions you have.

@Computer_Queen, I will ask the team that developed this challenge and get back with you.


Has there been any consideration of changing the due date from August 30? I’m not a school team, so I will be relatively unaffected. However, I know there are many school teams who will only have a few weeks to build, wire, program, and film a robot for this challenge, let alone schools that start after the due date.


the thing to note is there will be a number of “rolling online challenges” so if your team is not in this one, there will be others!!!

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Thanks for mentioning this, I was not aware :slight_smile:

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This season’s theme is flexibility! EPs will endeavor to hosts virtual and in-person events that make sense. RECF has brought back Skills-only events that can be done livestream (if not possible video recording) or in person, virtual judging, online notebooks, … etc with the understanding that every locality will need to determine what works best for them. The RECF Regional Support Manager will work with teams and EPs to make sure you have the safest experience at any given time. Mid-August (15th) there will be a whole bunch of documentations of what is permissible. Online challenges is one of the many tools the RECF provides to make this season rewarding as possible for teams!

@DanMantz I think I covered most. Chime in with anything I missed.

What is great are the opportunities for teams to shine in may different ways this season! Do remember to register your teams for the season.


I think part of the reason is to put out there the possibilities of what some teams can do early in the season. Even though the code will not not be published, you will see some videos of amazing programming skills for the current year’s game by August 30.

This usually never happens, as programming skills is done on a side field at all tournaments and you never know as a casual observer when the great teams are about to play unless they record it themselves and share.

So, part of the reason is to have assets available to teams who are not able to go to tournaments due to covid and see other bots from other places.


Sorry to pry, but has there been any update on my question?
I was just wondering because my team has a meeting tomorrow and we will start focusing our efforts on this Online Challenge.

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The requirements do not state that a full field must be used for the challenge.


Thank you so much!

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Hey, has there been an answer to this? It seems like the only way we would be able to upload code is by attaching a file, which has been public over past challenges.

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Perhaps a link to a GitHub repo?

That would definitely be an option, the better teams would already have a Github repo, however we would need to know what “the RECF Github account” is to be able to add it to a private repo.


@tweber is the person in charge of Online Challenges, not Jim Crane.