VAIC Intel depth camera and FLIR camera not working

I am trying to setup the Intel Depth camera and FLIR camera and am having trouble receiving data from them.

The depth camera shows in both the AI dashboard and on the Jetson-connected monitor, but it is not showing any sign of object recognition.

Also, the FLIR black/white camera is working (it’s hot and has a green LED lit up), but I cannot access it through the Jetson-connected monitor and the GPS is not updating when I put the robot in the field. It is reporting the default values and not changing (essentially acting like the FLIR doesn’t exist).

Does anyone know how I can get the depth camera object detection and FLIR camera to work?

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I’m not positive this is it, but it may be caused by not having the green thumb drive in the jetson. That solved it for me, at least.

There is a green DRM key that needs to be plugged into the jetson in order for object recognition to work. If that doesn’t work, can you send a picture of how you have connected all the electronics?


jetson plug-ins
Here is a picture of the electronics plugged in. It consists of power (the circular onev that connects to the brain), the green key, an HDMI cable to a monitor (the thicker one on the left), the FLIR camera USB (the metallic one on the right), and the Intel camera USB (the normal looking one on the right). The micro SD card is also there on the other side of the jetson that isn’t in the photo.

Correction: The object detection is working, but the camera is really laggy (is it the jetson itself or just the display part of it?). Pressing ‘d’ in the terminal like the AI website says still isn’t switching the display to the b/w camera though : (