VAIC Robot Reading Incorrect Position on Field

So we have tried re positioning the code strips yet the robot still shows the incorrect position on the field. Does anyone have a solution to that or has anyone face a similar problem when they first started. We have almost everything, perhaps there is something we are missing?

Can you describe how the position is wrong? Is the robot position mirrored, is it offset, or is it not registering at all?

Have you updated to the Jetson image and demo project released on Jan 29 2021 ?
Do you have access to the VEX AI Competition private forum channel ? If not, send a DM to @DRow


Do you have the FLIR camera on the front or back of the robot? If it’s not already on the back, moving it there should fix it, unless the issue is something else.

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Yeah my FLIR camera is in the back. we tried both orientations and it still shows the wrong position.

Only other thing I can think of is that it might be upside down? The cable should be coming from the bottom of the camera, if it’s coming from the top it’s upside down.

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Let me check if that is the case.