Valid Q&As

Are there any threads in the Official In The Zone Q&A which are no longer valid, specifically those answered by Karthik?

Are all Q&As before the most recent manual update rendered void, or only those Q&As specific to rules that have been directly changed in the updates?

Thanks, GDC!

If there are, I expect them to be modified soon. The GDC has said that when a Q&A becomes invalid, the original Q&A is modified to clarify the correct answer. [Edit: see my later reply for the GDC’s quote.]

Q&As before the most recent manual update are definitely still valid.

This was meant to be posted in the Official Q&A, can a mod please delete this thread?

Maybe you should ask @Karthik to delete this thread :slight_smile:

I have found where the GDC answered the question. (I have also posted it as a separate unofficial answer thread.)

On February 3rd, in the answer to “Lifting Opposing Mobile Goals <SG6>”, the GDC said:

I apologize for trying to answer this question when I knew it was in the wrong channel. [Edit: On second thought, including an answer in a reply might be appropriate after all, but I should have made it clear why I was doing it.]

I happened to remember that the GDC recently said something that would answer the question, and I didn’t want them to have to answer it again. I hoped that if I answered the question before it was put in the official Q&A, the GDC wouldn’t need to answer it themselves.

I knew the answer to my own question, I mainly wanted specific, easily referenced documentation in the official Q&A.

Oh, OK. That makes sense.

I agree that the old answer is hard to reference (the title is unrelated to Q&A questions), and I haven’t found any easily-referenced places that say what happens to outdated Q&A questions.

Edit: Edited to be more concise.