Variable Shifing X-Drive With 2 Pistons

My variable shifting x-drive has 2 double acting pistons (one actuating each side) as opposed to the only ones I’ve seen which have one for each wheel. Will this pose a problem for switching as pressure gets low?

It is more likely to have problems but the way you build the shifting mechanism will change the required pressure more than anything.

When I built my wheel shifting transmission I got it down to about 10 psi and still working to shift.

Also just for future reference usually variable shifting X drive refers to shifting mechanism with a motor that can set the angles to a variable of angles. Like this

Twitch drive or binary swerve drive are the names I have heard to describe what you are referring to.

Or even just ditch the word variable because it makes people think of CVT and just say shifting X-Drive like Aura did here

That helps a lot. Thanks!