Hi. I am not the best at programing, but I have seen some people make a term equal something. Like someone made a=15. Is it possible for autonomous to make something like forward=spinFor(20) or that kind of thing? It would be very helpful for auton to just have yo say FL.forward(10); and make FL motor go forward for 10 rotations or whatever units I use. Thank you for reading and for the help

You can define functions and call those instead of typing the same command out. This is not the same as a variable. Best website I’ve used to learn coding:


Thank you. This is what I mean. I did not know what to call it, so I called it a variable,but this is what I ment. Thank yoy

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i think what you are looking for is called a void function, Use of void function? - C++ Forum this might be helpful


Thank you
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