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I noticed that there are VEX compilers for Python, C++, Blocks, and RobotC. Is there documentation somewhere that explains the different opCodes that are used to control the VEX brain? I haven’t seen anything on-line.

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The old cortex uses programs like RobotC and EasyC. It is usually coded in C++

The new brain uses VexCode and PROS.

It can be coded using C++, Python, or Blocks, depending on which one you would feel most comfortable with. I use vex code. You can download it here.


It appears the V5 brain is out of stock. Interesting

Hope this helps, feel free to post with more Qs

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it doesnt directly use assembly output to control the bot. Instead, there is an internal and publicly undocumented API that all of the various apis call. This is why you cant build the PROS kernel yourself. You can, however, link against an existing thing. There are multiple projects that link against the pros kernel to use its public API to control robots, such as QUEEN’s vex-rt for Rust. Any language that can compile for armv7a-none-eabi that you can also link against C should be able to do the same. If you want to write your own control API, wrapping the PROS (C or C++) or VexCode (C++) APIs is probably the way to go.

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