Varying Autonomous

My autonomous does different things each time I run it.

  • It is the same code being run
  • It seems as if certain sections of the code are repeated twice before going on to the next set of code
  • Different sections get repeated each time I run it

Does anybody know why this is happening?

(if you want to see the code you will have to PM me)

I am 100% sure there is something wrong in your code.


It has to be the code, I messaged @EagleBots he didn’t reply

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Be patient, people have other things to do


ngl if your code doesn’t work, I don’t see what you have to lose by showing us the code. you’ll get a lot more help that way.


Is it only changing specific parts within the first function of your code?

If you can’t provide the code, we can’t help you. We don’t need to take it, we all have our own autonomy that works, so we won’t copy you. If you won’t show us, then close te topic.


To be honest, if you are having these kinds of problems and are coming to the forum for help then you probably don’t need to worry about keeping your code secret. You’ll be much better off posting your code and gaining the help and insights that this forum offers.


Sorry about not responding quickly.

I don’t want to burden everyone witn a 300 line long code.

are you sure you want to wait that long?

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No, that was left over from the debugging session that I had but I don’t think it was why it was repeating sections of the code.

that is soo mean be nicer please

Thanks everyone, I found out that it was failed motor ( although I don’t know how that would have made the code repeat maybe bad encoders)

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