VCAT RoboFest Fundraiser

A day ago our team hosted a fundraiser event in our school’s main lobby. We had 3 games that people could play, we also sold hex bugs, and accepted donations and allow people interested in robotics to sign up to our mailing list.

Our Games were:

MazeBot: Drive the robot trough a maze without letting the line trackers around the robot to touch any of the lines to win. If the line trackers touched the lines the supermario game over theme song would play and all functions of the robot would be disabled.
Cost: $1 dollar to play
Prize: HexBug Nano

ObstacleBot: Get the 3 gold sacks to 3 different corners within 45 seconds to win.
Cost: $1 dollar to play
Prize: HexBug Nano

iJoust: Joust in a modern way with your friend. Ultrasonic sensor controlled Up and Down, Bump Sensors controlled left and right. At the end of a round the person with laser closest to target would win the round. Winner was chosen on a best out of 3 basis.
Cost: $3 dollars per player
Prize: Winner of Best out of 3 would get a HexBug Nano

Overall the event went great, we sold out the Hex Bug Larva before the event even started, The Ant was the least popular. we sold our Hex Bugs at the suggested Price. This event attracted lots of attention and we are already looking forward to hosting another RoboFest with new games. If you have any suggestions or question you are welcome to comment below.

If you would like to see more pictures of the event visit our Facebook page and don’t forget to like our page.

At our school we recently ran an event where we had a “three-legged” robot race. Basically we had two tank drive robots, each with two joysticks tethered together. One joystick only controlled the left wheels and one the right. We had the teams slalom through some obstacles and then return back through them. It was very amusing to see folks try to coordinate driving :slight_smile:

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That sounds like a great time! and a great idea!

Thanks! I also like your fundraiser event very much. Our team hasn’t quite figured out how to run fundraisers yet, mostly because we haven’t accumulated enough random vex stuff to be able to do cool things like this with it. I’ll bring this stuff up though and perhaps we can put something like this together to help fund the trip to worlds (if the stars align and we qualify :p)

Thank you, this was our first fundraiser of the season and we are just getting an idea of how effective such events can be. I’m sure the stars will align on you behalf, wish you guys best of luck.