VCAT - (Vex U) - 15x15 Toss up Robot Teaser

Hello vex community, I have followed these forums for quite a while but never really got involved. So for my first post I thought it would be fun to post some pictures of our 15x15 Toss Up Robot. Comments and suggestions are welcome!
2013-08-21 17.23.47.jpg
2013-08-21 18.44.47.jpg
2013-08-21 16.39.41.jpg
2013-08-21 16.42.37.jpg

I like how organized it is and is that sonar sense able to pivot?

Thank you, and yes it is.

I conclude the following:

You have a 4 motor drive with all 6 wheels driven and geared at 160 rpm. You have fitted traction wheels centrally to reduce being shunted sideways. You have a fast 4 motor lift geared to output 20 rpm. This gear ratio does not have enough torque to allow the robot to hang given that it weighs 14 pounds. You are fussy when it comes to wiring and this is a good trait to have. You are planning to have an elaborate autonomous routine and have ambitions to win programming skills at Worlds. The real point of difference of this robot is the intake which has 4 motors and is not going to be revealed any time soon. Lastly, you are a 5’ 10" male named Jeff and you are a big fan of Al Pacino. :slight_smile:

The robot looks great. The only improvement I can think of is to fit some angle bracing to the tower if you find it is flexing.

Nice work, Paul.

That pivoting sonar might use a motor or servo, there isn’t necessarily a 4-motor intake.

Impressive attention to detail! However I’m only 5’6" lol

Karthik ruled that a sensor that used a motor to rotate itself was legal to use as a custom sensor for VEXU.

I suspect that VCAT are using the vex ultrasonic sensor as part of a custom sensor which rotates itself without using up any of their allowed motors. This would leave 4 more motors for other mechanisms :slight_smile:

The robot looks very tidy, I’m excited to see what other College teams are doing with custom sensors. Best of luck for the season.

It’s nice to see other VEXU teams in the making! I can’t wait for this year!

Darn it, my crystal ball has gone out of calibration again!
I infer from your answer that all my other random assumptions are 100% accurate. :smiley:

I like the robot (from what I have seen). Very clean wiring :wink:

Just one question. Do the middle traction wheels touch the ground while moving around the field? I have seen that traction wheel not touch the ground on some robots because the omni wheels are a little bigger. Is it a problem?

I also like the colors: Silver, Black, Blue. Very nice!

We don’t have a problem with the middle wheel, it does touch the ground and provides great friction for us.