VCAT Wallbot

I can’t figure out how this was made because of really low quality video.
How did this collapse into such a small space and then deploy into a solid(ish) wall around 7 foot wall.
Did anyone see this in person?

Alternately, were the 2015 VexU playoffs archived somewhere online?

Horizontal variation of a scissor lift with wheels on the bottom I would guess

Yes I was there watching this is the design they used.

They should be on

That would make sense.

It’s here at 6:52:30.

Sorry, it’s actually at 6:54:30.

It’s just a whole bunch of linear sliders on wheels propelled by elastic bands.

Sorry, I guess I remembered incorrectly :frowning:

Would breaking though the wall be considered intentionally damaging the opposing robot?

I don’t know, but if so, I might just have to use something like that next year.
(Assuming that we can expand again next season)

If a robot expanded in an attempt to block the field, intentional damage was legal.

Here are some pictures of our Wallbot… Although our walls broke, it was definitely awesome to see it deploy and hear the crowd go nuts!

The robot was made to fit as a 15" Robot, it used a pneumatic piston as a release and it had a 10 motor drive train. The walls could rotate to allow for positioning of blue or red alliance.
Wallbot 2.jpg

Can you point me to a rule?
I’ve been looking through the booklet and haven’t found anything relevant yet.

I think G12:

This clause was present in Skyrise but not in Nothing But Net (probably because of strict expansion limits):

a. Robots that have expanded horizontally in an effort to obstruct the field will undergo even
more scrutiny under <G12>, and will not be protected under <G12>. e.g. If you choose to
undertake this type of strategy, your robot should be built to withstand vigorous interaction.
i. Furthermore, teams that undertake this type of obstructive strategy would not be
protected by <SG3>. e.g. There is no penalty for pinning a “wall-bot”.

How did you bend the linear slider rails to fit together like that?

Those linear slides were the old ones and have now been discontinued.

Does anyone know what actually broke on the wall? If we can figure out what failed, we might be able to make the point of failure stronger, resulting in a stronger wall.

Ask trump for some pointers, he’s been planning some walls for a while now :wink:

There are different ways of making these wall bots. I have seen multiple years of 127C robots and @Aponthis could probably give you more insight into them if he is willing to do so.

Also that was the worst break of a robot i have seen in a match. I have watched the video a bunch of times and I cringe every time.

This is a forum for robotics, not for discussing politics. Nice reference though :wink: