VCAT Wallbot

Our wallbot broke at a connection joint between slide stages. In reality, it never broke. The slide bended and got out of place. Later that day we learned that the team that ruptured the wall had an 8-motor drive on both robots and we think one of them might of had transmission (courtesy of GreenEgg people known for great transmission systems). So that was 16 motors againts the wall. Also, our wall was supposed to extend up to the perimeter right next to the skyrise post to lock it creating a reaction point. Since that didn’t happen the wall expierienced a lot of bending until it deformed and “broke.”

Great match for the VEX archive.

I didn’t build 127C in Toss Up but it used scissors whose plane was parallel to the ground. 127C last year, which I did have a part in, used two custom linear expansions. This wallbot appears to use a bunch of regular linear expansions, as most of you can likely tell

People have made all sorts of Trump jokes on the forums especially on the one about next year’s game when someone suggested to have to climb over a wall.

Neither of our robots had a transmission for that match actually. Both robots had 8 motor drives, our 15" had 8 turbo motors on 3.25" wheels and the 24" had 8 high speed motors on 4" wheels. Both robots pushed simultaneously which is why it was enough to break the wall. I will say that as a team we weren’t sure if the push would be enough, Leland and I were strategizing pre match and I proposed that we try the double push, but he was skeptical. Good match though, that elimination series was the most interesting set I’ve ever competed in.

The biggest problem with the wall is that it was breached on the far side. Would a breaking system work better? What are other ways to make the wall immovable?

Thanks for clarifying that. In that case, then great strategy. With or without transmission you guys were way superior. A match to remember.

VCAT hopes to see guys again at Worlds!

I think the wall was supposed to be braced on the far side with a Skyrise pole. Due to an issue with the deployment, it didn’t do that, although I’m not sure why.

We’ll be there in some form, whether it be volunteering or something else. We’ll be sure to stop by and say hi!

Wait, you might not be competing? I thought you were already registered

QCC2 the team is, because they had the worlds qual from last year, but Leland, Jacob, and Jason aren’t on QCC2; they attend WPI now.

Oh, that’s sad. I thought their team was independent of the community college. No AURA this year either it seems.

Well so much for vex u being better than HS teams again… I guess the one year streak of Vex U being better than HS VRC is going to end.

This isn’t really true… We never attended QCC except for Leland, and I’m currently a junior at WPI and started as a freshman. Jacob is a sophomore and stated last year. We’re affiliated with QCC because of close ties from over the years, and the fact that WPI refused to adequately support us last year, so we operate as a subsection of the QCC team, hence the number QCC2. QCC is th event partner for the southern New England Regionals events (VEX IQ, VRC middle and high, and VEXU) and many events throughout the season, and we all volunteer and are part of that organization.

A busy academic year and many other events put an obstacle in the way of us competing. We will all be at the event though, so look out for us and say hi, we’ll all hopefully have blue rooster shirts on with our new logo.

I still think there will be some competition with BNS, VCAT, BUFF, etc.

Sorry for misinterpreting, I was only going off of what I knew. (Not alot)

Woah now… those words hurt a little bit. BNS is competing this year and we hope to show off some amazing robots that we’ve been spending lots of time on. I’ll shrug that off, but you should for sure stop by our pits to see the robots!

Are you planning to make a more updated reveal than this?

Of course!

That robot was the first thing they built for the whole game. Expecting it to be anything like their worlds robots is pretty strange. For worlds I bet they will reveal some stuff.

Also one of these days I should reveal the robot I built for team GOAT (WPI). I might have to get Leland and the rest of QCC2’s seal of approval on it.

Also speaking of VCAT I love those guys :slight_smile:

I wasn’t suggesting that that was all that they had.
After all, that was from last June.

Reveals are the best parts of robotics. Also I expect VCAT to have some impressive robots at worlds as well.