VCAT Wallbot

I second that motion… we are all expecting BNS, GOAT, NAR and BUFF reveals in the next weeks… :slight_smile:

I second that and add on team 62 and all the disco bots.

Are you talking about the little robot that could? :stuck_out_tongue:

Ya. Its really funny. That little guy deserves a reveal.

Can you please explain?

Which team is that?

Officially VEXU team goat. Unofficially it was what I built in about 5 hours to do programming skills take a look at the thread for its reveal.

Well, if the robot was able to turn, you could do that, but it can’t, so 320 is the actual limit for scoring. If it had an intake, you might be able to score another 25 points from 1 stack during the crossover from red to blue (or vise versa). That would be a little more tricky, though.

If one side of the robot’s drive was ratcheted, it would drive across normally, but when it reversed, it would turn as it drove. That could possibly be used to get balls under the low goal.

Does anyone know of any other cool wallbots?

Here are a few.
2158W Scroll down a few posts.
A robot during sack attack.

The 2 sides of the drive are physically locked together. That is how the robot is guaranteed to move in a perfectly straight line. Turning would result in a very twisted axle and a stalled drive, but no points in the low goal.
Getting back on topic, I will have to keep this design in mind if we are allowed to expand next year, and if defense might be effective.

Ya I locked the drive together so I didn’t have to think about it. With any code making it drive straight there would have been no issue them running separately.