Hi. As a teacher planning things for next year I’m already past the point where I’ve needed to make definite decisions about VEX Coding Studio and curricula for next year, and we’re still waiting to hear a lot. :frowning: Hopefully you can answer some questions without upsetting anyone at VEX by giving out information early, since as teachers we’re already behind in getting what we need. I’ll only ask IQ-specific stuff here.

  1. VCS is listed with the VEX EDR stuff, but it’s not listed at all in the VEX IQ. I would like to be able to run the VEX IQ stuff off the same system as the VEX EDR stuff to make the transition easier for students. Right now I would be using RobotC for that reason, if only it ran on Macs. Will VCS work with VEX IQ?

  2. Assuming VCS will work with VEX IQ, are there any language restrictions? I see C++ listed for VCS. Could we code for VEX IQ in C++?


Hi callen,
Sorry for the delayed reply.

VCS will work for both VEX IQ and V5.

C++ will only be available for V5.

Hi VEX Coding Studio team,
Will VCS be available for VEX IQ next season?
Will the Modkit Blocks in VCS work with VEX IQ?