VCS brain connection issue

My team is having an issue with VEX Coding Studio where the V5 brain is showing it’s connected to the computer via the included micro USB, but VEX Coding Studio keeps saying that there is no brain connected.
How would i go about resolving this?

We need a little more information to be able to help you.

What type of computer ? Mac or PC ?
What is the operating system and version ?
Where do you see the V5 brain showing on the computer ?

Its a pc, windows 10, version 1803, and the brain is not showing up when plugged into windows at all. It just doesn’t show up when plugged in, robotc had no issues however. Windows doesn’t show it when its plugged in, like it would a flash drive on devices either. Vcs also doesn’t show it in the drop-down menu for selecting which brain you’d download to. However the brain shows itself as plugged in.

so if you can, rule out the cable and try another one.

Check the windows device manager, you should see two V5 serial ports, if these are not present or have yellow warning triangles on them, it’s a driver issue, perhaps reinstall VCS if that happens. If that doesn’t help then try using a USB 2.0 hub, if you have one, between the PC and V5.

If none of this helps then it’s probably best to contact vex support directly as they will have more questions.


So, we ended up fixing it by doing a fresh install, which then was missing a bunch of includes, so VCS wouldn’t compile, however the fresh install recognized the v5 brain, so we copied the files from the old non brain recognizing one, into the new one which did. This ended up working!

@9065_Parker Was the fresh install on the same PC ? had you uninstalled VCS before reinstalling ? Which includes were missing ?

same computer, we didnt uninstall, just a brand new install, and ill have to ask which files were missing, however it was an entire folder.