VCS Chromebook Support

So… any ETA on when chromebook support for VCS is coming?

VCS is now dead and replaced by VEXcode.
The IQ version already has Chromebook so perhaps the V5 blocks version will have Chromebook when released later this month.

Thanks! I am looking at VEX Code now. My school is 1:1 with chromebooks so we really need a chromebook option. We tried Robot Mesh last year, but I thought VEX Coding Studio was a little bit easier to understand. Hopefully they will have a chromebook option.

Having seen the VEXcode IQ on iPad, it is pretty impressive and the developers are taking the task seriously to offer a quality application.

I look forward for V5 Chromebook support later this month!

VEXCode V5 doesn’t support anything other than C++ Pro at this point. So no block-based at all…

If you want to use a block-based environment, your options are VCS or RobotMesh. If you want to use a language like JavaScript or Python, your only option is RobotMesh.

Unless you’re willing to put your Chromebooks into developer mode and install Linux on them (which I did, and it wasn’t an easy process), I think you’re stuck with RobotMesh Studio for the time being. VCS is no longer being actively developed, and VEXCode is focusing on only C++ right now, so there isn’t a good block-based solution straight from VEX.

Please read the VEXcode page about roll out plans for Blocks:

VEXcode V5 Blocks

Release scheduled for August 2019


Thanks for pointing that out, I hadn’t noticed that.

That being said, who knows how long we’ll have to wait until the Chromebook version comes out. VEX might decide to release the Mac and Windows versions in August, but delay the Chromebook version until September or October…

And if I were picking a programming environment for my team, I wouldn’t trust VEX’s deadlines, especially after what happened with the V5 release. VEXCode Text has also had plenty of issues at the initial release, resulting in delaying the 1.0 and releasing 0.9 instead. I don’t have much faith that VEX meet their August target, considering it’s already August and we haven’t seen any “preview” versions like we did with VEXCode Text.


This is your page:

VEXCode V5 Text says that chromebook is coming soon.

VEXCode V5 Blocks doesn’t have any information, but as it is built off of the same thing that the IQ version is, it should be on Chromebooks as well.


understood your distrust. VEX the company has a lot to do to regain it.

That said, VEXcode development team has been articulate and quality focused. They explain correctly why .9 is not a beta, but their production version. So far the VEXcode team has been top shelf in my opinion.


Chromebook will be available at the same time as Windows and Mac… along with Vision Utility working on Chromebooks.