VCS corncerns

Hello everyone:
I’m a new guys and i learn about VEX by myself. I’ve heard about VCS in this year and I don’t know if you could use VCS to code the 2 wire motor or not.
Hope you will win in the comp.

If you’re using two wire motors use robot c to start and then move on to pros.

Do you mean a 2-wire motor on a V5 brain or using the older Cortex?

If V5 then it is possible but not competition legal nor very useful as they run at a low voltage on V5. You should use VEXCode rather than VCS as the latter has effectively been replaced by the former.
If Cortex, then VCS and VEXCode are not compatible and you should use ROBOTC, Robot Mesh Studio.
Versions of PROS can be used with both.

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If your using v5 I’d do yourself a favor of using pros. It’s a bit of a learning curve compared to VCS but once you understand it then you’ll enjoy it a lot more. To answer your question if you are trying to use VSC to code cortex motors through the v5 brain then the answer is yes.