VCS Downloading

Hey all, one of the issues I am having with VCS is that it doesn’t correctly download new files. Due to VCS having multiple issues with saving and other things necessary for programming I have most of my code in .h files that I then include into the VCS. I am running on a Mac and I will make modifications to a file and then save it, then upload the program to the brain. After downloading multiple time it starts to not update the program. The only way I have found a way to solve the issues is to restart VCS, and the power cycle the brain. I have discussed these issues with other teams who use Windows 10 and reported that they have not had this issue. Please let me know if this is a known issue and if there is a solution because I like programming on a Mac but I will use Windows 10 because it is vital that when I upload a change for an autonomous that it actually makes the difference and not just says it made a modification.
Thanks for any help,
1069B Argonauts


I, too, have this issue on W10, and @punkduckable has this problem on his mac

I also have this issue on W10 it’s very annoying we try to download stuff twice to make sure it doesn’t happen.

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Okay, so this sounds like a real issue that multiple people are having are there any known fixes? And if not when is VCS going to get an update that would address this issue

Nobody knows. It doesn’t seem like the team responsible for VEX coding studio cares. I’m guessing there is no fix to the problem, other than an update to VCS.

I wish there was an answer other than don’t use VCS, but unfortunately no such answer exists.

You can try out Robot Mesh Studio C++, where there’s a good chance your existing VCS code will work just fine. Furthermore, you could just use the RMBuild CLI tool to download your code without even having to open the full Robot Mesh Studio application if you so choose.

Another great option is PROS. PROS also has a powerful CLI tool that seems fitting for your use case, but you will likely have to rewrite much of your code to support PROS’s API (though the PROS API is more powerful than either the VCS or RMS APIs in some respects).

Yes the same problem is happening to me on a mace