VCS Gyros in Competion Autonomus

We are trying to use gyros for our autonomous, but the video reference we are using is not in a competition program. This is the link and picture of the code.


We want to use the code but are unsure where things should go and what to do with the while loop. Let us know what you think. Thanks!

I would recommend using VEXcode at this point.


The competition format isn’t really much different. To make this part of your autonomous, simply put the code from the video in the autonomous portion of the competition template.

P.S. - I would also recommend not using VCS, but it is really up to you.

thanks for the imput. my question is now, can i put in the while loops everytime i use the gyros in auton, also what other options other than VCS are there, how do i use them?

The two main things to use would be VexCode or PROS, try looking up on the forum to find the VexCode download link, PROS can be found online.