VCS: Light Sensor

Hi yall!

I was making some code for this year and saw that light sensors aren’t in VCS. Is there a way to program with the light sensor even though its not in the ‘three wired’ section in VCS?

They are in the c++ pro

Thank you! I will try to learn pro so i can use them then :slight_smile:

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You can keep using VCS (not Pro) if you like. Just tell it there is a different analog sensor in that port (like a potentiometer) and read the values as if you were getting them from the potentiometer. It will work just fine.

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You might want to switch to VexCode. VCS has a very large list of problems, and, while VexCode isn’t perfect, it uses a more updated but backwards compatible API, has true multi-file support, is a dark theme, lets you ctrl+f, and lets you ctrl+s.


I tried for my marble sorter and gave up

Thank you! that sounds like a good option. I will look into it.