VCS Modkit Help


I am new to Vex, and have found some success so far using Modkit and the blocks to learn. However, I continue to run into what seem like simple problems. For example, in the image attached, the motor continues to spin non stop despite the L1 no longer being pressed. Why would that be?


** I’ve solved it. I was basing it off of other code that worked, and failed to realize in that loop of “true” it was always looking for something to happen and thus stopped when the buttons weren’t pressed. In this case, once started it never stops as there is never another command. The word “pressed” implies it must be continually pressed to me, clearly not the case.

This is a common way to do Drive Control:


The Rotate Motor will

  • Go up when you press L1
  • Go down when you press L2
  • Stop when you’re not pressing L1 or L2

The While(true) loop keeps the robot running until you turn off the program