VCS Modkit support for Field Control/Competition Switch

There doesn’t seem to be a way for VCS Modkit to be used with the Field Control System or Competition Switch. Does that mean that VCS Modkit can not be used for Competition VRC Robots?

Support for competition control is partially implemented but not finished yet. Modkit uses an event driven approach to programming, the competition control will use “When” blocks that trigger for autonomous and driver control periods, you can see an example in the screenshot below. Although we can trigger these events, the program cannot yet be interrupted when the robot is disabled, that should hopefully be finished for the October update of VCS. If the autonomous code is simple, then you can use these events by creating them using the “text” entry method of programming Modkit and adding code as necessary, however, make sure any code added to the autonomous event finishes before the driver control period.

be sure to enable competition using the checkbox in project settings.


I don’t see the option competition.started or ocmpetition.autonmous and does that mean I can’t run the code if I just run it regularly?

help…? Comp tomorrow

I can not find the autonomous or driver control dropdown either. Please advise

VCS competition problem.jpg

It’s still not implemented for VCS Modkit. RobotMesh Blockly is a good alternative and has a lot of support, documentation and examples.

ok, so as I said back in September

and as there has been no update to VCS, Modkit still does not support competition control. The above example I showed is a workaround that will work with very simple code, either you have no autonomous (in which case you don’t need a competition template anyway, just use when(STARTED) ) or a very simple autonomous that perhaps just drives forward for a few seconds. If the autonomous is any more complicated than that, then VCS Modkit should not be used for competition.

The issue is that the initial support has no way to interrupt/stop a “when” statement part of the way through. If the robot is disabled and, for example, a loop is running then it will not be stopped. This has all been addressed in the next version of the SDK (the development kit that VCS uses to run a program on the brain) but we cannot release that until VCS is itself updated.

I am attaching an example that shows what can be done, but my real advise is do not try and use Modkit for a competition robot, switch to VEX C++.

The Competition.STARTED_AUTONOMOUS and Competition.STARTED_DRIVER_CONTROL events do not appear in any drop down menus, you have to add those using the text tab if you start with a new project. The competition checkbox should be enabled in project settings.

mod_comp.vex (5 KB)

in addition to this.
when going to a match, make sure to plug into the field control cable before launching the code. If the driver control code runs for any length of time before the autonomous period of the match, the autonomous code will probably not function correctly.

My team had trouble getting this to work since they are 6th graders and started with ModKit - this is their first season. The problem they are facing is that their program uses the When block to control the Axis of the controller. It doesn’t look like When block can be nested in another When block. Any suggestions on how to work around this before the next competition event which is next saturday. Any tips or workarounds would be much appreciated.

@jpearman It is January and the October update is nowhere in sight. Any ETA?

I don’t have much to add. VCS is being supported by another team, they seem to have other priorities. Not much I can do.

New to coaching and programming, has there been an update that allows for ModKit to be used for competition.?

VCS has been discontinued but replaced with VEXcode - VEXcode V5 Blocks replaces the functionality of Modkit and is compatible with competition control.