VCS not compiling code after 650 lines?


After coding over 650 lines for my robot, VCS won’t compile my program anymore and it doesn’t compile any program no matter if it is the built-in examples or a previously working program. I reinstalled VCS multiple times and it still doesn’t work. Anyone ran into a similar problem before?


Did you check to see if there are any errors in your code. You can look at the console to see problems. I have more than 1000 lines of code and it works fine.


@Kselva20 I did, and there are no errors. At the moment, the code compiles and uploads to the bot but it’s unreliable as in I had to try compiling multiple times before it actually compiles.


Yet another reason that I don’t trust V5


The other programming options for V5 (PROS, Robot Mesh Studio, and probably MATLAB/Simulink too) do not feel like beta quality software. Only VCS feels that way.



What do any of those have to do with this thread?


i was just backing up my argument against V5


also, i have never had a compiling problem in all my 4 years of robotC


All I was saying was that, for most people, the usability of VCS should have no bearing on the usability of V5. I made no comment about the reliability of the V5 hardware.


What does your program look like with 1000+ lines of code? (:0 Sorry off topic just super curious)


int x=0;



Not to say that gcc does not pick up on the futility of such code… but…


Anyways, it’s working for now. Really hoping someone can write a plugin for Visual Studio so I can directly upload from there… :frowning:


For VCS? It’s basically impossible (unreasonable amount of effort for little return) unless VCS is updated to include an official CLI.

If you’re using Visual Studio, why not just use PROS? You probably know enough real C/C++ to do so if you can successfully set up and use Visual Studio.


Wait, what about notVCS? That was released a while ago


I’m working on a Visual Studio Code extension for PROS. Even though the work done in terminal isn’t super complicated.


If you’re actually actively working on this, feel free to reach out to us. We’ve been working on a new system to make it easier to build plugins for IDEs


NotVCS does not concern compiling or uploading; it does not allow you to compile or upload from anything outside of VCS.
NotVCS only grants you the ability to read and write VCS code outside of VCS; you have to still use the VCS GUI to compile and upload.

In other words, NotVCS is merely a workaround for a major regression between RobotC and VCS. It does not grant any additional features on top of that.


Idk man, seems like you can download outside of VCS :slight_smile:


I stand corrected.

I still don’t see the point of using VCS4CMD though, since PROS exists.