VCS not detecting brain where as Vex OS is finding it

I am working with a windows 10 system and have installed the Vex OS utility and the Vex Coding Studio.
Vex OS utility is picking up the fact that a brain is connected and shows the ID and the motos connected on various ports of the brain.

I am using a USB 3 port - I don’t think there is a USB 2 on my laptop.

VCS keeps saying that there are no devices found. Any suggestions? I have tried re-installing VCS without any luck.

Vcs isn’t for vex iq, if I am to take it from your category choice that you’re trying to use it on an iq brain.

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You’ll need to use VEXBlocks, ROBOTC or Robot Mesh Studio for IQ.

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Thanks so much !
I would have wasted so much time troubleshooting this!