VCS on Chromebooks

VCS according to this page VCS is compatible with Chromebooks but Im not able to find it in the Chrome Web Store. Any advice?

VCS is basically an embedded webapp so I’d imagine that support for Chromebooks isn’t far off, but I don’t think it has been officially released

You can use Robot Mesh Studio in the meantime, as it supports Chromebooks and has pretty much the same API as VCS, to the point where you should just be able to copy/paste your code and have it work.

Robot Mesh Studio also offers JavaScript, Blockly and Python for V5, in addition to C++.

VCS is supposed to have chromebook support, but it was also supposed to have an update in october. That combined with that apparently the VCS devs have “other priorities”, I wouldn’t expect chromebook support to come out soon.

Robot Mesh Studio is superior to VCS in nearly every way, and has many different language options; I suggest using it.