Vcs program

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when i turn the controller to left, the robot will turn right. it is program or robot setting wrong???

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You most likely have your axis’s inverted in code. Post that section of your code here, please.

Also, when you start a post, put your question or idea in the title or description

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can I delete one program in the robot box ? Each time when I use setting.delete program , I need to delete all . can I only delete one?

no, but you can download a new one to the same slot/position and it will delete it and add the new one

our robot is move for two motor , can I set those motor use 80 pct ?

You can use setVelocity

RightMotor.setVelocity(50, velocityUnits::pct);

I am mean in the controller setting

can I set the motor to run only 80 pct, in the controller setting

Please post your code…