VCS System requirements

Hi, I’m looking at getting some small windows based machines to use for running Vex Coding Studio, but I am unclear of any system requirements for Vex Coding Studio beyond needing windows 10.

Are there any stated minimum requirements for VCS?

What I would like to do is run it on a lightweight Celeron processor with 3-4 GB ram and a 64GB SSD.
My expectation is that as the processing takes place on the robot, that the VCS should not be too resource heavy on the Windows machine, but I’m just concerned about how much disk space VCS requires when fully installed.

Thanks in advance

John ( @phelpsj ),

Sorry this information was not available for you. We’ve have just recently added it to our programming software page for VCS.

VCS is supported on computers running Windows 7 & above, or OS X 10.10 (Yosemite) & above.


The robot (Brain) will do all processing necessary to run user code, but VCS, on the computer, must compile the code.

Compiling on a Celeron, while doable, will probably take frustratingly long at competitions. You would be much better served by an Intel Core (Core 2, Core M, or Core i) or AMD FX processor. Certain Intel Atom processors would also be better than a Celeron.

4 GB of RAM and a 64 GB SSD should be plenty though.

Thanks that’s great.

Also, if you’re looking for cheap laptops that meet these specs, take a look at used Thinkpads on eBay. As an added bonus, most of them should survive a fair amount of manhandling.

Though, as with anything sufficiently old, SSDs will have to be swapped in manually.