VCS woes

Seriously…I tried to drag files from my desktop to a USB drive. They showed up in the USB Drive as a “shortcut”. I deleted that. Went back to my desktop to try it differently. The files are no longer on my desktop. What the heck happened and how can I get those back?

So, I was able to “recover” the files. But what is going on? Are the desktop files just shortcuts to a web-based file? Or are the files actually on my computer? I’m confused…and probably really behind on this info. But we just got our stuff a couple of weeks back and are finally trying to sort out VCS and V5. Sorry if this has been beaten to death. I just didn’t see what I needed in a quick search and was kind of in a hurry to get this straightened out.


If you have any shortcut files, you can right click the file and click “Open File Location” to find the original file from the shortcut. If I am not mistaken you should seriously avoid having files on your desktop. Your desktop should only contain shortcuts to files, because if you have actual files on your desktop you will have a slower login time because your desktop has to legitimately load the files you dragged, which is not good. What you most probably did was drag and copy a shortcut that’s on the desktop instead of the actual file itself.

@[TVA]Connor yeah, you’re right. I didn’t realize it was saving files in one location but putting shortcuts on my desktop. I had already discovered them in my Music folder (why they were going there I have no idea b/c I was selecting my desktop in the Save process) by looking at the shortcut properties. Anyway, problem resolved and disaster averted. :slight_smile:

And how about that advice on files on the Desktop…I always complain about booting time on my machines. And I have a TON of files on my Desktop. Learning something new all the time!