VCS won't download New Program-Weird Problem

I had a pair of students today with a V5 (1.0.5) and VCS. They downloaded a program that printed a message to the screen and ran a motor. All fine. Then they wrote a different program and tried to download it. VCS says “download sucessful” , no errors or warnings, but it just runs the original program again.

They download it to a diffrent slot, original program again.

We change the file name, original program again.

We change the new program so it is just an empty main() and download it, original program.

We reset the V5 to factory settings, and erase all programs. Redownload and get the original program again.

We try a diffent V5 brain and its the original program again. Which tells us the problem is in VCS.

We use a diffrent computer on the original V5, and a new program sucessfully downloads.

Any idea what was going on?

There is the option of selecting which program should run when its selected via the controller or the brain. If the motor and printed message thing happens when a different program is selected with any of those options, then try setting the motor + message back to a blank main(); loop and run the other program.

please post the .vex file, there are some known issues with things like unicode.

VCS has some issues with uploading things. My team usually just restarts VCS between downloads to make it work