Vecode IQ Compiler Timing Out

We are using Chromebooks and the students are getting Compiler Time Out errors. When they go to everything is green. Totally frustrated as they have to use my computer to download their code to their brains. Has anyone else had this issue??

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I have confirmed that the cloud compiler system is working correctly, so at this point it sound like there is some restriction in place, either on the Chromebooks or the network they are connected to that is blocking access to the cloud compiler.

If these are school issued and controlled Chromebooks, the most likely issue is that the school has them configured to block access to the cloud compiler system. There are even times where they are configured so that teacher accounts on the same devices will work fine, but the students have such limited access that the compiler can not be accessed on them at all.

I would recommend having your school’s IT department take a look at this article to help explain what needs to be allowed past the firewall/restriction in order to use the cloud compiler system.

If the Chromebooks are not issued/managed by your school, then please try using a different internet connection. if they work with a different internet connection, you will need to contact your school’s IT department. you can send them the link above for information on what they need to allow through the firewall for you to connect to the cloud compiler.