Vehicle steering and suspension parts?

I would like the company that makes VEX Robotics Kit to make vehicle steering and suspension parts such as steering knuckles, A-arms, springs, etc, so that I can build a computer-controlled car.

I think that the purpose of vex is to build parts that can do more than one function these parts you speek of are pretty specialized for one purpose. Another thing is that with the current parts it is more than possible to make a steering and suspension system even both at the same time, it has been done. Wether it would be easier with specialized parts, yes, but is vex about everything being easy, no.

I will make sure that a “suspension kit” gets mentioned at our next “new products” meeting.

Thank you very much for your feedback!


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It’s been like 11 years… can we get coil springs please.

(Yes I know you can get them from clutches, they’re pathetic)

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Really nice shock absorbers that are part of VEX IQ, maybe they could just cross list them for VRC

I think so, that’s a pretty old original post…

yeah these are nice. we bought a couple packages of them to include in our IQ super kit. It would be neat to have them available for VRC.