Velocity control ideas and issues

My team just found out about flywheel velocity control and we are having trouble using the built in PID in robotc. I have heard of tbh and have looked at code for it but it seems way to complicated. Now we are trying to use bang bang but it is not responding how we would like either. Any ideas? With the built in PID in robotc we are not getting a faster flywheel rate or a more accurate launch. It is consistently overshooting even when our i value is at 1. Any ideas for velocity control would be greatly appreciated

Well if it always overshoot it sounds like the goal speed is incorrect. Try lowering goal speed until the flywheel stabilizing after a few seconds makes the shot. Then play around with the constants.

Does anyone have any ideas for tbh. I simply am having trouble following the code and cant figure how to conver it to fit my variables?