Velocity while driving

My robots run kind of slow and I know there is a way to up the velocity through programming, but I cannot remember how to do it. Can someone help me out? I need it to run faster while driving.

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Screenshot (2)_LI

This did it for my robot, should do it for yours.


Thank you so much! I appreciate it, and so will my kids!


That seems to be V5 code, I am not familiar with “When Autonomous” or “When Driver Control” in Vex IQ (this forum) unless it has been added recently and I didn’t notice.

At any rate, you can set your speeds under a “When Started” Tab.

For driving specifically, how do you have your controller set up? The default for any on/off motor is 50% velocity if not told differently in code (someone correct me if this is wrong). For drive motors, if the controller has been set up in the right hand menu and the drivetrain option used, the stick will send a -100% to 100% signal to the motor depending on the position of the A stick (up and down on the left stick). Therefore, you are getting a 100% velocity signal on your drive motors.

If you need more speed beyond this, you will likely need to change the gear ratio on the drivetrain.



This is mine. Its Iq. Each time before we go and push a riser we slow down the bot so we do not end up somewhere. For driver control I would recommend to do Set velocity Claw_m 100 or 50. While in auto you should add the drivetrain in the moters function and each time ur going to push a riser you can go slow or fast.

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It is V5, and When Started would probably do the same thing, but I just wanted to make sure it would cover driving and auton.
The reason my team changed it from 50 to 100 is because the only time it goes down to 50 is when it was driven via the Programs, or when it ran a code, in which case, the motors don’t spin fast enough to get a ball out of the robot.