Vendor for team shirts?

Our teams need new t-shirts/jerseys and I am wondering what vendors others have used and would recommend. I see that has some designs for robotics teams. T-shirts will be ok but I was thinking of going with actual jerseys that are similar to football jersey design.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions or references.


well, we found a local company, they did ours fairly cheap … black polo, 2 sides print for £15.50

We also use a local vendor. Something can be said for using local. Building community partners is always a good thing. Our shirts usually run $10 a shirt for front and back printing. Front logo back sponsors.

Here is the link to our shirts we created using Custom Ink:

They were about $20 each (ugh). Hopefully next year we can find a cheaper way to get shirts.

Custom Ink was great though! You could add anything you wanted!

This is another online vendor and our design.

We used a local vendor to make the shirts because most online places wanted $20 a shirt and local vendors wanted around $10 with setupfees ( $30 per side)

But the setup fee is a one time fee so if you don’t date your team shirts then the next year they get cheaper. Most places will hold your design for one year of the last order and not charge you the setup fees.

Consider also asking the local company if they would like to be a sponsor of your team and have their logo on the back of your shirt.

Even better if you approach the company with a one-page flyer about your team.

Yea always ask about sponsors but Printers don’t hand them out alot becaue they are asked by just about everyone who wants shirts made for any reason. So don’t think they are mean or something if they say no.

One big thing I have done with printers is look for 3-4 in the area and use them against each other, Get great prices that way.

I recommend using CustomInk to formulate your designs, but use a local vendor to actually buy your shirts

If you want, you can also make your own buy purchasing some plain t-shirts, then ironing on your design with t-shirt transfer paper like this: