Venue map has been posted

VRC Venue Map

About time haha
Oh, nice, so they did decide to only use the nice side of the expo center
Aw, although now VEXU is a long ways from all the HS fields. At least we are close to the stadium I guess
This does make a lot more sense though, as now no HS teams will have insanely long walks between their pits and matches

Now the big question for us, do the number increase the further away you are from Freedom Hall? It makes a difference for us… If it decreases, then it is likely my two teams will be across the aisle from one another.

The inspection station is all the way at a corner… at MS side?

Am I seeing this right? Vex U qualifying rounds start in Saturday?

They start Thursday.

Aah thanks @tabor473 . What a relief tbh. Thought everything would be fast paced, doing qualifying rounds in two hours and then finals on the same day.