Verify Time and Date Stamp in the Notebook Rubric

During a training, a teacher asked, “How do the students verify the time/date stamp in the notebook?” I couldn’t answer that question.

How DO the judges know what is a verified date/time stamp so that the students get the 5 points on the rubric when their notebook is reviewed?

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There are a few different ways it can be tracked.

Digital Notebooks
Programs such as Google Docs track when it has been edited, so judges can see it’s been edited over months on the dates which match your notebook.

Other programs can do this, but not to that extent, I’ve been told anything uploaded to Dropbox will keep a list of every time it’s been opened/edited.

So it’s a case of showing the timestamps the programs record. I’m personally (and I don’t know if this is right) am going to put a screenshot at the end of the digital notebook of all the timestamps.

Physical Notebooks
Physical notebooks must be bound in a way that pages cannot be remove or added, so judges know everything is written in sequential order. If you’re using a physical notebook, you can’t (at least according to last season’s documentation) earn points for time stamps which can be confirmed. So you might not need to worry about it too much.


Thank you from all of us in our training session. I appreciate the timely response!

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The 5 points is earned for a physical notebook if it is bound, the verification doesn’t apply.

I would really keep in mind that the new year’s guide may change. The digital notebooks were only added in because of the pandemic and I would assume that they would do things a little differently with a year of lessons learned.

This was problematic as well because the judge would need to be an editor of the document to see the edit history. I hope they come up with a better solution. I really liked the digital notebooks.


I agree, I think when the new rubric comes out for this season, that rule will most likely change, as the rule is awkward. But for the time being, last years is what we have to go off.

A bit off topic

Does anyone know why the RECF waits until many months in to release the rubric? Teams like us who start in the summer have no way to know what the rule is going to be.


It does seem a bit strange. I’m planning to ask about it.

They have generally released everything by the Event Partner Summit, which happens in the middle of July. RECF does a lot of great work but they do operate with a small staff. They use the month or two after WORLDS to reflect on the season and then to figure out what they need to change. i would also like it a little sooner… But WORLDS is an all hands on deck event, and they want to implement and changes they need to make into the new season, even if those things are things that come up at WORLDS.


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