Versa Hubs

What Versa Hubs are needed for each flexwheel?
I’ve tried looking around on the website for information, but I can’t find specific information

I’m looking at buying 2in and 4in flexwheels if that information is helpful

for 4in ones you are gonna need 2 of these per wheel

and for both types of flex wheels you’re also gonna need 2 of these per wheel

Gl with the stock issues rn


is this suitable for 4in wheels?
it’s in stock, the others arent

I don’t own this kind of adapter, but it should work

It’ll work with 4in wheels.


The only issue is that the versahub adapters are out of stock. I’ve just been making my own hubs out of other parts.

those aluminium ones are in stock for me over here in the UK

VersaHubs and VersaHex Adapters look like they’re both in stock in the UK.