Versahub inserts loose

Same as topic. When I insert the metal insert into the versahub, it doesn’t snap in properly and is extremely loose. Any ideas on how to fix this?

This is normal behavior. The VersaHexes are actually not intended to be friction fits to my knowledge; every VersaHex I have dealt with has been relatively loose and will fall out if you aren’t careful with handling the VersaHub. Once the VersaHub is placed on a shaft, the loose fit of the VersaHex shouldn’t make a difference in theory because I would think the VersaHex would be held in place by any shaft collars or spacers on the same shaft as it. The only time I would say that you should be concerned is if the VersaHex genuinely has lost its hexagonal shape in some capacity and therefore isn’t fully meshing with the surfaces in the hole of the VersaHub.