I’ve been wanting to buy the flex wheels for this upcoming game, and I know I need to buy the VersaHubs, but I don’t know how many come in a pack. Does anyone know how many come in one order?

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Interesting that the website does not specify the quantity. I bought some a while ago, but I do not remember exactly how many they gave me. it was either 1 or 2 though, I’m pretty sure.

But I will say that there are other methods of attaching a flex wheel to a shaft that don’t require the versa hubs. I found back in change up that you could wrap a 6t sprocket with tank tread, and then jam it into the hole of the flex wheel, and it would stay there decently well. Don’t think this is the best solution for something like a flywheel though. You could also try making custom hubs from polycarbonate and standoffs, which can be lighter, cheaper, and don’t hinder the flexibility of the wheel quite as much as the versa hubs do.


1 come in a pack, I ordered them two weeks ago.


I think the follow up question would be - “how many hubs do you need for a Flex wheel?”

I know this is new to me, and I am sure many others on the forum - so detailing typical stock configuration would be helpful.


I ordered some a couple of weeks ago as well. You can fit two hubs per wheel and that looks like the typical set up.

Here’s an older vid that someone posted (shows the 4" with hubs at the beginning): Flex Wheels


It is VRC legal to use flex wheel?

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Yes, they were recently made legal in the 2020-2021 VRC season.

Since the wheels are legal, does anyone know if the versa hex adapters are also?

To know if something is legal, you go to the Vex robotics website and look to see if it’s listed as a legal part for your particular competition. Here is the link to the versa hex adapters you asked about: VersaHex Adapters (8 Choices) - VEX Robotics. if these adapters are legal for v5, then you will see a “V5 legal” notice on the page.


Thank you! I was just wondering, all the adapters for the flex wheels aren’t legal, so how would you adapt them?

On the page with the flex wheels, at the bottom of the page, are the V5 adapters which are legal for use in VRC. Flex Wheels - VEX Robotics

Indeed the ones at the bottom of the page are legal, but they only will work with the smaller wheels. The bigger wheels are legal, but to adapt them you would need the versa hub adapter. But is seems as though they are not legal. Is there any other way to adapt the bigger wheels?

The versahubs are legal, but you can look here for other ways to mount flex wheels if you don’t want to buy them.

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Do you ever read the posts on the forum? Literally just a couple days ago:


you put the versahub into the wheel, then a versahex into the versahub, then attach a gear insert into the versahex for ls shafts, you dont need the gear insert for hs shafts

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