Vertical Flywheel Issues Help

My team is currently running a vertical flywheel to launch discs, but our flywheel drastically slows down between shots and requires 2-3 seconds to speed back up to shoot again.

I’ve seen that many teams are adding weight on top of a horizontal flywheel in order to maintain flywheel speed, but how can we implement this on a vertical flywheel since we can’t add weight directly on top of it?

We are currently running a 2400 RPM Flywheel (600 RPM Motor + 64:16 Gear Ratio)

Here are some pictures of our flywheel:

The way 515R got around this was by adding lathed vex flywheel weights. More importantly, though, they switched away from vertical flywheel after one competition. Vertical flywheel is inherently less accurate and leads to more problems than a horizontal flywheel. I suggest you switch like 515R did.


You might have to much compression on the disc

Thanks for the feedback! we have a competition in 3 days so we’ll add some more weights to the flywheel and see how it goes.

But 8 disc AWP is very OP!

(In reality this is one of the few Mainland orgs that still has flywheels. Even still, most of the original flywheel orgs have switched to cata and some have started to move on other, better things :eyes:)

But in all seriousness, each flywheel has their own pros and cons, and seeing as most teams/orgs that once had vertical flywheels have switched, it might be a good idea to switch to single/double, or even to a different shooter type altogether.